Alabama Baptist Historical Commission
​An entity of the Alabama Baptist State Convention

Preserving Our History


Provides preservation of church, associational, and convention records, documents, manuscripts - - anything too important to lose! 
Is offered free of charge to Alabama Baptists through gifts through the Cooperative Program.

Interviewing Our People

Oral History Interviews...
  • Bear witness to God's involvement in the lives of Alabama Baptist men and women.
  • Provide encouragement by celebrating our shared experiences.
  • Enliven and personalize our written records.

Recording Our Legacy

The Photographic Series...
  • Illustrates the changing face of Alabama Baptist ministry.
  • Depicts the image of our past for future Alabama Baptists.
  • Preserves a record of our architectural heritage.

Celebrating Our Anniversaries

Special Recognitions...
  • Provide the opportunity to express thanksgiving for years of God's faithfulness and His work through Alabama Baptist churches, associations, entities, individuals and the State Convention.
About Us
"Let this be written for a future generation, that a people not yet created may praise the LORD." 
-Psalm 102:18
Our Purpose​

The Alabama Baptist Historical Commission exists to support the Alabama Baptist State Convention and its endeavors:  1) by leading Baptists to preserve, know, and utilize their heritage; 2) by encouraging and assisting Baptists in recording their history, preserving their records for study and research, and preserving, collecting, organizing, and storing historical artifacts and materials related specifically to Alabama Baptist history and generally to Baptist history throughout the world; and 3) by endeavoring to secure the careful consideration of history as decisions are made and plans are projected and executed. 
(Article II, Articles of Incorporation of Alabama Baptist Historical Commission, approved by 1990 Alabama Baptist State Convention)